Darwin to Kakadu National Park Australia
This is a non-commercial web site on Jim Jim Gorge and the seasonal Jim Jim Falls. The offical website is www.kakadunationalpark.com our extenisve own website for a travel guide to Kakadu is Kakadu National Park Australia with 100's of photo's. Also while your here have a look at Tropical Darwin city or take a day trip to Litchfield National Park 90 mins south of Darwin off the Stuart Highway.


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This is a Kakadu National Park tourist travel information guide, visiting and staying in Kakadu, around the Top End and about Kakadu from Darwin.

A Kakadu National Park tourist travel information  guide, visiting and staying in Kakadu

Arnhem Highway from Darwin to Kakadu in Australia

This is a Kakadu National Park tourist travel information guide, visiting and staying in Kakadu, around the Top End and about Kakadu from Darwin Australia just 253klm away from the entrance gates of Kakadu Park. If travelling by road, you should allow 3 hours travelling time from Darwin. Maps of the road to Kakadu and of Kakadu National Park.

The Arnhem Highway is approx. 222.6 (klm) kilometres from the Stuart Highway turn off to Jabiru in the Northern Territory of Australia. It links the mining town of Jabiru, in Kakadu National Park, to the Stuart Highway 35.5 (klm) kilometres south of Darwin. There are many different opinions on the distant but we have taken our estimate from the book Outback Traveller and our our driving records.

Darwin CBD to Stuart Highway turn off 35.5klm

Start of Arnhem Highway

Stuart Highway turn off to Fog Dam turnoff 24.6klm

Fog Dam turnoff to Window on the Wetlands 4.4klm

Window on the to Wetlands to Adelaide River 1.3klm
Window on the to Wetlands to Djukbinj National Park turnoff 15.1klm

Djukbinj National Park turnoff to Corroborree Park Inn 9.9klm

Corroborree Park Inn to Corroborree Billabong turnoff 0.5klm
Corroborree Billabong turnoff Hardy's Lagoon App. 4klm
Corroborree Park Inn to Mt Bundy Station turnoff 13.1klm

Mt Bundy Station turnoff to Bark Hut Inn 14.7klm

Bark Hut Inn to Old Jim Jim Road turnoff 17.6klm

Old Jim Jim Road turnoff to Wildman River (West Branch) App.16klm
Old Jim Jim Road to Boundary Kakadu National Park 17.6klm

Boundary Kakadu Park to Wildman River (East Branch) 7.0klm

Wildman River (East Branch) to Kakadu Visitor Information 10.9klm

Kakadu Visitor Information to 2 Mile Hole 1.5klm
Kakadu Visitor Information to 4 Mile Hole 1.5klm (Same turnoff)

2 Mile Hole + 4 Mile Hole to West Alligator River 2.3klm

West Alligator River to West Alligator River (West Branch) 10.2klm

West Alligator River (West Branch) to (East Branch) 8.6klm

West Alligator River (East Branch) to Flying Fox Creek 3.6klm

Flying Fox Creek to Red Lily Billabong 8.8klm
Flying Fox Creek to Alligator Billabong 8.8klm (*Same turnoff)
Flying Fox Creek to Old Jim Jim Road 8.8klm (*Same turnoff)

Red Lily Billabong to Aurora Kakadu Resort 5.0klm

Aurora Kakadu Resort to South Alligator River 3.1klm
Aurora Kakadu Resort to Boat Ramp Launch 3.1klm

South Alligator River to Mamaluka Wetlands 7.7klm

Mamaluka Wetlands to Ubirr turnoff 27.7klm

Ubirr turnoff to Kakadu Highway turnoff 1.4klm

Kakadu Highway turnoff to Jabiru turnoff 1.5klm

Jabiru turnoff to Jabiru township1.5klm
Jabiru turnoff to Jabiru airport 6.3klm

For the latest up-to-date details, contact the offical
Bowali Visitor Centre during hours only on
Aust Tel: 08 89 381 121 or Int Tel: +61 889 381 121.

Roads to Kakadu National Park Road conditions in the Park vary according to the two seasons being the Green 'Wet' season or Dry season. Widespread Green 'Wet' season flooding occured historically and frequently during November to April there nowdays the seasons have changed signifciantly.

Therefore you should check the road conditions well before your departure . Up-to-the-moment road reports can be obtained from the Bowali Visitor Centre (Telephone +61 (0) 8 8938 1120).


The Arnhem and Kakadu Highways are sealed and generally remain open throughout the year. Green 'Wet' season flooding associated with any prolonged heavy rains may have various locational temporary closures.

We here also provide helpful tips on Kakadu National Park and what to see and activities available, visitor safety, park camping and accommodation facilities, emergency contacts and useful Kakadu National Park information.

If time allows, we advise you stay in the park for a 2-5 days so that the major sites can be explored at your leisure. Kakadu National Park can be visited selfdrive a 2 wheel drive vehicle such as a car, camper, 4WD or even a large motorhome though access is limited to the Kakadu Highway and the Arnhem Highway. Ubirr, Yellow Waters, Jabiru and Nourlangie Rock being main the extent of where you can visit a 2 wheel drive vehicle. 4WD hire from Darwin or motorhome hire from Darwin.

Currently about 200,000+ folks visit Kakadu National Park each year. Visitor numbers are higher during the dry season months of June to September (approx. 33,000 people visit each July) and lower during the wet season months (approx. 7,000 people visit each January). Australia 4 Tours a local travel specialist based in Darwin.

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Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park features numerous waterfalls which cascade from a sandstone plateau called the Tabletop Range, monsoon rainforests, intriguing magnetic termite mounds and historical sites.

Litchfield National Park lies approximately 130km's southwest of Darwin near the town of Batchelor and covers around 1,500 sq km's.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park an Australian Natural Icon covers almost 20,000 square kms and is 257 kms East of Darwin the capital city of the Northern Territory, Australia.

Kakadu National Park gateway to Arnhemland.

The sealed roads from Darwin to Kakadu is via the Arnhem Highway and from Katherine to Kakadu National Park via the Kakadu Highway.

About Katherine
Katherine: A lush tropical wonderland, the Katherine region is most famous for the spectacular Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park. Just one of 13 stunning gorges carved into the Arnhem Land plateau by the Katherine River, a cruise through Katherine Gorge is truly unforgettable.